Key Employee Retention

Retain Key Employees


Featured product: The Prestige Strategy™

Help Employees Retire Wealthier, Sooner

Key Employee Retention

The Prestige Strategy™ is a benefit your employees won’t find anywhere else. It’s an off-cycle benefit that you can offer them at any time during the year. With tax-free withdrawals (income) and little to NO out-of-pocket costs. This retirement package presents high-value benefits for owner and valuable employees.

Prestige Plan:

Strategy Shows Employer How To…

  • Recruit the industry’s best talent
  • Retain this talent for years to come
  • Retire this talent with a lifetime of tax-free income

How it Works:

The Advantage of Premium Financing

  • Custom Index Universal Life policies are used
  • The bank loans the premium
  • The policy’s cash value compounds year after year faster than the bank loan
  • The death benefit grows at the same rate as the cash value, starting higher and earning more


Lock Down Your Key Employees

  • Offer employees a retirement package they can’t obtain anywhere else
  • Easy administration and implementation
  • There will be as much money in the contract as there is cost (Guaranteed for the first seven years)
  • As an off-cycle benefit, offer it to VIP employees at any time during the year

Prestige Plan

Provide a Rich Benefit for Key Employees

The Prestige Strategy™ Benefit offers a NO out of pocket cost to the company or to the employee. Offers employees a retirement package they can’t obtain anywhere else. Company saves money by eliminating their existing deferred compensation plan and reducing employee turnover.

The Prestige Strastegy – Loyalty isn’t always enough in the business world. Offers come and offers go. Sometimes key people go with them. Employers can try to incentivize employees with enticing benefits, crossing their fingers that they won’t leave for perceived greener pastures. Businesses relies on these key people and have invested a lot of time and money into them. If they abandon the organization, thatinvestment is lost. They need a reason to stay. The employer needs to offer these select key employees the Prestige Strategy Benefit™ as a way to finance their future, a future at that company.

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