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Save on Quality Health Services and More

  • Financial Freedom Crusade

    My Free health
    savings card

    My Free Health Savings Card is a lead product for the Marketing System. Save on Health and Medical expenses. Find out how My Free Health Savings Card is different from the competition.

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    Call A Doctor

    Unlimited, 24/7 access to the quality care you need, all from your phone or computer plus savings in other health care services. A health and wellness program designed to save you time and money.

  • Save Money

    Exclusive buying, savings & cash back. Membership offers Savings to members since "Group" rates bring your buying purchases to wholesale or employee rates! 

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  • my free health savings card

    Talk to a doctor, anytime, anywhere. Free access to Licensed US nurses. Full mobile access. Receive discounts on your everyday health and medical expenses, huge savings on medical procedures, prescriptions, lab work, and much more. Read more about My Free Health Savings Card.

  • Call A doctor plus

    This program provides a no-fee per call telemedicine service, a medical bill saver program, legal & identity theft assistance, and financial & life events counseling assistance. The superior value of these benefits, provide you and your family with valuable money saving resources. As an affiliate you will be paid a residual commission every time a customer purchases a Call a Doctor Plus Program. If you want to earn higher commissions by doing your own follow-up we can provide you with your own no-cost replicated CADR+ website. Contact us for details.

My Free Health Savings Card

Lets Work Together

Use My Free Health Savings Card as a door opener.

  1. There is no cost to become a member
  2. You are paid every time someone uses one of your Free Health Savings Cards
  3. You are paid every time you upgrade a free member to Call A Doctor Plus
  4. You will continue to be paid each month for as long as CADR customers remain active