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Save Money and Add Benefits


Featured product: Business Services

Ways to Save Companies Money and Add Benefits

Innovative Financial and Business Services

Improve cash flow and earnings for businesses by thousands of dollars per employee per year, potentially adding millions to their equity value without changing their processes or suppliers.

FFSI has aligned itself with experts in cost reduction and employee benefits to provide innovative financial and business services. We are so confident in the work we do and services we provide, we spend our time and money providing these assessments and proposals at no cost or obligation to the business. Our performance based compensation is contingent solely on results - if we don't recover payments and/or reduce costs, there is no cost for our services. The client knows exactly what they are getting prior to incurring ANY cost or obligation.

What We Do

Benefits of our Services:

  • Reduce Risk
  • No Long Term Contract
  • Increased Data Visibility
  • Exponential Buying Leverage
  • Lower Overhead Costs
  • Recover Lost Money and Benefits

Lower Expenses

Sample of Services Available:

  • Purchasing
  • HR Compliance
  • Freight Transportation
  • Supply Chain Mgt
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Work Opportunity Tax Incentives

Specialty Areas

Most Popular Services:

  • Healthcare Cost Reduction
  • Employee Retention
  • Employee Benefits
  • Leveraged Pension Plans
  • Increase Employee Retirement Benefits


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Specialized Programs – You provide the business lead, we do the rest. Our target market includes:

  • Companies from 5 to unlimited qualified employees
  • Qualified = full-time (30 hours/week minimum)
  • High turn-over / seasonal businesses not a good fit
  • Minimum wage businesses not a good fit
  • Some programs require a group health plan to be in place

  • No license required to receive referral commission
  • No cost to become a consultant
  • You provide the lead, we do the rest
  • Full training and support
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