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Business Insurance Savings

Freedom Financial Solutions brings you another great business door opener and another way to help business owners save money!

Businesses can save 10% to 60% on their business insurance costs. This service finds savings on Health, P&C, Workman's Comp, and Liability Coverage. Companies do not need to change their broker or agent.

The Program
Strategic Solutions to Reduce Cost on All Business Insurance

  • We connect your client with a leader in business insurance premium reductions

  • With over 700 successful projects and over 16 years using cost savings methodology, they will have a significant impact on improving insurance costs and coverage.

  • These experts even the playing field and work the system on your client's behalf.

  • Average savings is 35% and the most they have saved a client is 74%.

  • They provide their expertise a very low cost. They simply take a percentage of the saved amount for the first two years and there are never any upfront fees. No savings No fee.

The Employer
Save on Group Health, Workers Comp, Liability, Property, and D&O Insurance

  • Secret #1: You cannot get the lowest price with one agent

  • Secret #2: No agent can quote your insurance across all carriers

  • Secret #3: Everything is negotiable

  • Secret #4: Insurance does not need to be time consuming

The Process
Streamlined to Save You Time and Money

  • Exploration: Answer questions and review current premiums. 98% of the time we can make a substantial difference

  • Data Collection: Current agent supplies all of insurance policies and other data electronically

  • Marketing: Policies are reviewed, and then sent to network of insurance providers to obtain quotes from all markets

  • Results: discuss strategy for either selecting the best quote or for using the quote as leverage with your existing agency and carrier


Benefits to Client

Total time commitment for employer is less than 2 hours. Much of the work can be delegated to administrative staff. Of course, we're happy to spend as much time as needed to make sure client fully understand the policies, our approach, and all options. A quality agent that truly works for the company should be happy to have us help them obtain the best pricing and coverage.

  • Save 10% to 60% on Business Insurance

  • 98% Success Rate

  • No Up-front Fees

  • No Need to Change Agent/Broker

  • No Savings - No Fee

  • There is no cost to become a representative
  • Most programs require a life insurance license
  • These programs are available only in the United States
  • Representatives are not restricted by territories
  • Full training and support is provided
  • The insurance savings program pays the referring agent a portion of first year savings

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