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MY FREE HEALTH Savings card

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Description Compensation
My Free Health
Savings Card
For those who guard their privacy, the basic My Free Health Savings Card allows clients to start saving immediately on their prescriptions without the need for formal registration. All they need do is print the card out and take it to their local pharmacy. If you wish to have your own branded card, we can customize a card for you that will pay you $1.50 every time that card is used to fill a prescription. The card is free to the customer and to you, the agent. Only cost would be if you decide to print cards to physically hand out.
Enhanced Free
Health Card
The enhanced free card offers multiple services including pharmacy savings and discounts on doctor visits, dentiists, hearing, vision, and more. This card requires on-line registration to access its benefits. No direct compensation for this model, but you will have access to customer info for upsell opportunities.
Telemedicine Upgrade Includes all the benefits of the enhanced health card and no-copay access to doctors 24/7 for medical advice and prescriptions without the need to visit a doctor's office. All this and a bill saver service for only $19.95 / month. (No setup fees) Enrolled agents will have free access to their own replicated website and will be paid a percentage of the retail selling price each and every month for as long as the client continues to pay the monthly fee.
 Co-Branding Co-branding option available for groups and
organizations plus marketing support

 Fees & Costs to You None
 Bonus Gift All three options offer free membership to a unique discount shopping and cash back program  
 Other Benefits My Free Health Savings Card is just one product in an entire Marketing System  

My Free Health Savings Card

My Free Health Savings Card combines cutting-edge communications technology with modern medicine to provide you with affordable, convenient access to professional health care.

The Help You Need, The Care You Deserve.

Talk to a doctor, anytime, anywhere. Full mobile access. Receive discounts on your everyday health and medical expenses, huge savings on medical procedures, prescriptions, lab work, and much more.


Save on Health and Medical Expenses Physician consultations by phone, computer/mobile devices. — Discounts on dental and medical procedures, physician visits, prescriptions and more with Call a Doctor Plus...

Consult with a Doctor Anytime, Anywhere!
Access Doctors by eConsult or telephone. NO complicated referrals and NO long wait times. No need to leave home or work. Only pay for the services you need!

MediBid™ Making Health Care Affordable
Save on Medical Procedures. 80% Average Savings vs. billed rates; 50% average savings vs. insurance discounted rates. When Doctors and Medical Facilities compete you win.

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Quality without the cost

  • No co-pays or per-call charges
  • Connect however you want
  • Get answers, diagnosis and Rx
  • Experienced doctors & professionals

Access All Your Services Electronically

All the services provided by Teladoc are accessible through free Apple and Android mobile applications.

My Free Health Savings Card – Combine it with CADR Plus for one of the the most comprehensive benefits platform in the industry.

  • Discounts on prescriptions average 47% - 95%
  • Discounts on medical services up to 80%
  • No subscription cost to use the card
  • Non-formulary - no drug restrictions
  • The card can be shared and used by anyone who has a valid prescription
  • Access to telemedicine services
  • Pro-active customer service
  • Chiropractic discounts
  • Lab test discounts
  • Imaging services discounts


  • Use the card to open more doors
  • Sell more of your products
  • Sell more of our products
  • Increase your income

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