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Niche Markets


Featured strategy: Niche Markets

Use Niche Markets to find success

Niche marketing

We specialize in helping agents and agencies identify and successfully market in niche markets. Our primary goal is to provide unparalleled support and services. Every day we introduce agents to "niche marketing opportunities".

We connect agents to businesses and consumers through a specialized niche marketing approach and by developing marketing strategies that are easy to implement. We have some niche products which do not require an insurance license to market or to receive commissions, but can provide a door opener for additional sales.

For Businesses
Door openers and follow on products

  • Telemedicine
  • Cost Reduction
  • Find Savings and Add Benefits
  • SCG Financial Workshops

For Families
Programs for every stage of life:

  • Save and Earn Through SHG
  • Final Expense
  • Living Benefits
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Tax Free Retirement Income

For Groups
Programs and products for groups:

  • Business Insurance Premium Reductions
  • SCG Financial Workshops for Church and Social Groups

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Featured Programs – Following are samples of special niches:

  • Veterans Helping Veterans - We prefer to work with representatives, who want to do the right thing for their fellow veterans. Veterans Helping Veterans creates an underlying trust of doing business with someone who more thoroughly understands the customers situation..

  • Become Debt-Free and Prosper - SHG offers a variety of ways for individuals and businesses to save anywhere from hundreds to many thousands of dollars every year. Earn while you help others. The program includes:
    • Lower TV, Internet, and Cell Phone bills without changing providers
    • Savings on travel, shopping, and purchasing new and used cars
    • Lower auto and home insurance premiums
    • Access to health care for individuals and small businesses
    • Businesses savings on payroll, merchant accounts, and more
    • Enhanced employee benefits
    • Savings on internet expenses including hosting and SSL certificates
    • Residual income on referrals with no insurance license required

    LEARN how to save More NOW

  • Life insurance license required for some products
  • E&O coverage may be required
  • Full training and support
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