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Smart* Consumer Group

*Save Money and reduce taxes

  • Financial Freedom Crusade

    Discover ways to save
    more money

    A myriad of informative tips and articles on how to make better saving and spending choices.

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    reduce debt & plan
    your financial future

    Learn how to properly diversify and achieve a
    balanced financial plan.

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    Special information
    for Veterans

    A variety of topics intended to educate and inform veterans concerning their benefits.

Knowledge is Power

  • Tips for saving money

    The SMART Consumer Group (SCG) is an educational organization offering ideas to help you save more and spend less. Through the web site and a series of free workshops, SCG introduces the keys to being a SMART consumer.

  • reduce debt & plan your financial future

    Starting with the debt roll-up strategy, SCG takes you through basic debt reduction and wealth building strategies.

  • Information for Veterans

    The SCG website provides military pay charts, job tips, and information on a variety of VA benefits including home loans, education, medical, and VA pension benefits.

  • Financial Education Workshops

    SCG provides free educational workshops for businesses and groups. Use them to inform, educate, and create interest in finding out more about your services.

Smart Consumer Group

We Provide value to your customers

The Smart Consumer Group provides a helpful consumer reference and a platform for lectures and seminars.