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Veterans Helping Veterans


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Veterans more thoroughly understand other veteran's needs

Veterans Helping Veterans

FFSI salutes all of this nation's heros, especially veterans and first responders. Both of FFSI's founders are retired military and are proud to be a part of the Veterans Helping Veterans Project (VHVP). The goals of VHVP are to educate veterans on their available benefits, review their financial situation, and recommend appropriate solutions when applicable. You do not have to be a veteran to help with this project.

Recommendations will vary depending on many factors. One example is if the veteran is older with limited assets and has not made any plans to cover burial and other expenses which could easily leave a serious financial burden on his or her family. A final expense insurance policy might be a solution.

Find the Needs
Your most important goals:

  • What is most important to the client?
  • Is the family protected?
  • Is the home protected?
  • Has the client planned for retirement?

Typical Strategies
Financial Solutions:

  • Living Benefits
  • Tax Free Retirement Income
  • Final Expense
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Annuities

Sample Companies
These are only a few:

  • AIG
  • Americo
  • Athene
  • John Hancock
  • Mutual of Omaha

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Looking for a Few Good Men and Women – Especially Military Veterans and Former First Responders

  • Veterans Helping Veterans - Attracting the “Right Stuff” type of agent, who will have a work ethic to go out and write business through thick or thin, has been a silent ingredient for success in agencies with Veterans and retired First Responders as agents. We have proven, predictable, and profitable field tested and documented strategies to aggressively develop success for Veterans and First Responders. Veterans helping Veterans creates an underling trust of doing business with someone who more thoroughly understands the client’s situation as opposed to civilian agents. Here is an example of helpful information that all veterans need to know: (Click on image to see entire brochure)

    VA Survivors Kit

  • Benefits as an Agent
    • High Compensation (80% to start)
    • Multiple Lead Systems
    • Immediate Vesting
    • No Contracts (You are not captive)
    • Opportunity to Build Your Own Agency

  • Life insurance license required
  • Certificate for free pre-license training if you are not currently licensed
  • E&O coverage required
  • You need to appoint with at least one of our carriers
  • Full training and support
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